If you are considering purchasing a home close to mobile phone towers or live near any other kind of radiation, our Site-Survey provides electromagnetic mapping - direct onto frequency charts. Therefore, providing conclusion evidence on the safety of the location.

For this type of bio-electromagnetic test, we evaluate the properly against the biological safety standard of no risk.

Initially a full spectrum scan would be performed. However, the likely frequencies of concern and therefore, electronically data-filed, would be:
1. 2G/3G/4G (900/1800/2100 MHz)
2. Police TETRA (380 MHz)
3. Internet communication (2400/5000 MHz)
4. All other communicational devises.

All our findings are supported by the real-time data-charts, which form part of our "electronically witnessed" written assessment. No other UK company has testing expertise to this standard.

Electromagnetic Surveys provide a clear breakdown of all the magnetic flux density values radiating from the electrical distribution system. These levels are clearly evaluated against the no risk biological health guidelines for prudent electromagnetic safety

Our clients always have the opportunity to liaise directly with the site engineer; ensuring complete clarification of the documentation and spectrum calculus.